Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs

Every issue related to packaging or label design is a challenge for me. It's the most serious work which makes your product bright along with competitors' products. I always persuade customers not to interfere in the process of creating a package or label, because in the opposite case, they would not have to hire me. Many customers, unfortunately, make a large number of common mistakes. Some insist that their design be similar to the design of successful brands, others try to realize their fantasies, a third does not get out of the audience polls, etc.


The design of a package or label should also grow from the idea. In this case, this is the most important aspect of the work. But an idea cannot work without experience and knowledge of the market, materials, ways and types of a printing process. Many designers draw beautiful images, but as a result, this design cannot be printed. The printing house is trying to adapt it for printing, but in the end, everything goes worse than ever.

Over the period of 17 years, I have accumulated vast experience in the design of packaging and labels, all the main aspects are well known to me, as well as the main mistakes.

The line of packaging and label design is wide. Let me help you with your issue if you need to design label or packaging. Don't waste your time for polls.

Red Pearl

Caviar Package by Eva Cordoba


In Collaboration with Igor Voss