Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice

Design Project Consulting Support.


If you really need to get good design and intend to use crowdsourcing design platforms, freelance websites, even a design company and have no ideas how to recognize good work in all proposes you will receive, then you need someone who knows the topic well. This is me. 

How does it work?

For example, you need a new logo for your company.

I would like to note that you are not among the people who want to lead a designer in the process of creating work and you realize that the design is the same business as others and you need the qualification to involve a process.

So, you choose your resource, run a project and designers started to send you proposals. Which of them you should choose? Many clients start to make mistakes on this stage. They started to receive bits of advice from teams, focus groups, relatives and friends. If these groups don't have a design or branding experts, this step will lead you to a dead end. The point is very simple, people vote for a concept they like. Yes, tastes are different, but not in design. Moreover, the opinion of one particular person is based on his current mood, social status, a wish to stand out and many other factors. Anyway, in one word, to use the opinions of people who are out of the design and branding industry is not the way. I will not list all the other mistakes that customers make, there are many of them and they are all different.

Let's say you hired me. What am I doing?

I will check every work you will get, I will find out how serious is the designer who provides it, I will try to understand how this design can work in the future, is there any ways to improve it, certainly, I will look at fonts, visual perception, colors, kerning and many other points. Don't think I suppose to ignore your wishes. If you like some works we will discuss are there any possibilities to go with some of them. If not, I will explain the reasons. From the start of the project, we will work on this issue until the end when you will get a perfect design.


What other criteria will be important? The idea. It's the most difficult part of a creating process. Many designers are refuse to think. They use many different tricks to sell you a bad design. For example, they use professional awesome mockups with their mediocre work. From the first sight, a client sees an awesome picture and thinks; "Wow! What a great design!". Yes, this is a great design of a mockup, but not design which is inside of it. Remember one simple thing - Great design must be great in monochrome black or white.

There are so many things I would like to share with my clients, I can't describe em all.

Hire me to help you to make a great choice of your new design and save your future advertising and marketing costs using this service. Together, we will make a wonderful job for your new brand, package, label, for everything.

Standart quote for consulting support of a project with one design order - 1499$