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Product or Industrial Design

If you need industrial or product design services kindly send your request and a brief. I will give you feedback as faster as a can.

This type of design is the most serious part of the design sphere in general. Why? Because of exactly the design determines your choice in the purchase of any items. Apple bet on design and made new trends in computer and mobile devices industry.

If you are thinking about new and innovative product design, I will be happy to help.

This is clear that I can't even imagine what price range to put here. Product design is so individual and so specific that every stage of the working process must be discussed with you. After I explore your brief I will tell you the price for this service.

What’s already done:  designs of Bosendorfer grand piano, sunglasses, computer mouse, chairs, jars, keyboard, LED panel, bins and cupholders.    


Glasses by Eva Cordoba


In Collaboration with Igor Voss