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Some Detailed Information and Quotes for My Corporate Design Services.

1. Logo Design

I'm not supposed to limit you with variations or revisions. The logo design process goes the same way: you give me your short brief, your requirements, preferred styles, colors, some samples, maybe the logo you love from my portfolio. I create a concept for you. If you like it - great! 90% of my clients are happy with my first proposal. Honestly, the first one is always the best of the rest. If not, I create the next one. So, we cooperate until full customer satisfaction. I have only one simple rule: if you refuse the concept, and I already made a new one, you will be not able to choose the refused one.  

You will get: 

All types of your new logo in color, monochrome version, a solo image at the same formats:

- vector files in .cdr CorelDraw format;

- vector files in .eps format;

- raster files in .jpeg for digital use;

- raster files in .png format with transparent background.

Standard quote for the logo design is 1399 USD

*Highly recommend ordering of brand guidance with the logo.

2. Logo Restyling

I can also restyle your logo, It's very important to feel the difference between rebranding when you launch a new image and restyling when you keep the old concept but make it much modern, clean and creative. If you need to leave your previous logo recognizable then you need to restyle it. It's a very sophisticated process to give a new life to your old logo and at the same time, don't lose its recognizability.

At the design market, there are so few designers who can do it correctly. I am the one of them.

Standard quote for the logo design is 1999 USD

3. Corporate Identity

Standard Package:

You can order corporate identity to your new logo in a corporate identity package and in a separate package as well.

The standard package includes business card design, letterhead design, envelope design, social media covers design (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube).

The quote for this package is 999$

Extended Package:

Business card design (personal and corporate), letterhead design in black/white colors without bleeds for a home printer, two sides colorful letterhead for professional printing, envelope designs for check format and A4 format in black/white colors without bleeds for a home printer and two sides colorful envelope for professional printing, social media covers design Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube, corporate badge design, paper bag design, corporate clip, desktop wallpapers, mobile phone wallpapers, corporate notebook cover, CD envelope and CD design, corporate stickers, folder.

The quote for this package is 1999$

If you want to order separate topics, it's possible. We can discuss the quote. Just don't forget to mention this request in your brief.


4. PPT Template

Most of my clients always require for a PowerPoint Template Design. PPT template is a special PPT file in .potx format which allows you to create awesome corporate presentations without any losses to your corporate design. All pages have been made in your corporate style you just need to insert your information and images.

Standard service includes the design of all 8 main pages in light and dark background, 2 title covers, 2 slogan pages, and 2 main covers, Finally, you get one file with 24 different style pages. Fonts, colors and color scheme will be also set up in the file.

The quote for this service is 699$

5.Merchandise Goods

Merch is one of the important tools for brand promotion. I also can design most of corporate goods. If you suppose to order merch design from me, it will be not just a logo on a T-shirt, for example, it will be a peace of fashion which you can wear everywhere and everyone will ask you: "Where did you get this T-shirt?". I have a very special approach to corporate merch.

Please send me your request and I will give you a quote as fast as I can.

The quote for this service is negotiated separately

6.Web Site Design

Web design is very sophisticated and long work. I can design web sites and set up them in a web platform. If you suppose to hire a coder I will design your web site in .psd format (Adobe Photoshop). From the other hand, I can build your site using the most popular web platforms. The timeline for website design is about two weeks.

The quote for web site design starts from 3500$

The quote for web site design + building starts from 5000$

7.Mobile App Design

I can also design your mobile app. There are many forms of apps, so it's better to get a detailed brief for mobile app design. Please provide all necessary information about what do you expect from it, its main mission, number of screens and online actions, etc. I will consider it and give you the quote. For the corporate standard mobile app, the price starts from 3000$.

The quote for this service is negotiated separately


8.Brand Guidance

Brand guidance or Brandbook is your internal personal detailed instruction of how to use your logo. Brand guidance contains all possible versions of your logo, fonts, colors, recommendations on usage, logo structure, rules of building, logo safe zones, correct using on different surfaces, descriptions of file formats and information about your designer. This is a very important tool if you order a logo design. A professional designer also needs a big experience to write correct and clear brand guidance, so other designers or printing specialists can easy to understand the information about your brand.

The quote for this service is 1299$

Recommended if you order a logo design

9.All types of corporate guidelines

Corporate guidelines can be very different. This is the internal corporate instruction for brand usage in separate areas. For example, advertising guidelines contain all possible communication tools with all main rules and instructions on how to advertise your brand, how to build design without a designer. I will say this is the most serious thing in branding. As I mentioned, there are many forms of corporate guidelines for various business spheres, transport rules, corporate uniform, rooms equipment (for hotels), etc. If you need guidelines for your brand, kindly describe your request in details, so I could calculate a quote.

The quote for this service is negotiated separately