A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person

In 90% of Cases, Any Company Needs A Professional Brand Review.


As I mentioned before, one of the most important parts of all my advisory services is the Brand Audit Service.

Many companies live and work with incorrect visual communications, and don't even think to change anything. Yes, the most important factor in creating of your identity is its cost. 10-15 years ago it was very expensive to get really qualified and professional brand. The market was full of studios with high prices. Time is changing, freelance pushing out studios from the market, more and more professional designers changing office for a home workspace and free work schedule.


From one hand this is great, from other the prices seriously going down. Definitely bad for designers, but great for clients. So, today its absolutely possible to create your identity for small money. For example, when I used work in the studio it charged a client for approx 20 000$ for the design of the logo which was provided by me. Now you can order this service here for 1399$. Nod bad 93% sale of a studio price? What I would like to mention, our studio was not so big and expensive. Giants started from 200 000$. Well, going back, we understand that it's really possible today to create your personal brand by professional hands. All you need is to find a creative and professional visual communication designer. 2000, 20 000, 200 000 are just numbers. 

Suppose you decide to pay attention to your brand. Where to begin? 

It's easy. Send me the request to use Audit Brand Service, attach the short brief information about your company, images of all visual communication topics you use at this moment starting from your logo. I need 2-3 days to review all this information, and I will send you back the complete report with all the moments you need to fix and recommendations on how to do it. 

For 17 years, I had accumulated a giant experience which I will be glad to share with you.

Standart quote for Audit Brand Service of one is 1999$

*The price can be different if you have too big information data to review.