Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people

Advertising design from Eva Cordoba.


If you need to design advertising stuff, I can offer a wide range of this type of design. It's a very interesting point in my work because advertising design directly related to the intellectual creating process. Before we agree to any work I will also need some information to consider. This collaboration between us will be very interesting and sophisticated, We will also need to communicate effectively for maximum efficiency. There are many opinions on how you should advertise your product. As for me, Steve's Jobs point of view is closer to me. He understood that people themselves do not understand what they want, so he believed that it was necessary to make a product, less than organize different types of focus groups. Audience opinions are always equivocal and always divided. I can write about advertising many words, but the only thing I would like to point out is the fact that the quality of your Ad will directly affect your advertising budget. This is something that, unfortunately, most customers are refuse to understand.

How can I help you with advertising design?

Catalogs, posters, brochures, cards, flyers, banners and other printing stuff.

All types of OUTDOOR and INDOOR Ad. 

Corporate Merchandise.

All types of Internet advertising (without animation).

Transport Advertising.

POS materials and retail stuff design.

Marketing Kits.



Corporate Presentations.

Product placement stuff design.

Corporate Uniform.

Facades and Street Signs.

Don't worry If I have missed something. In 99% cases, I can design it. Just send me your request.